NZCSE was developed with the idea that it could be offered to Steiner High Schools overseas as well as in New Zealand.

 There are hundreds of Steiner Schools around the world who could use this qualification and this would improve the international flavour of the learning outcomes.

As a result of this international interest there are now twelve schools in Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and Switzerland running NZCSE.

Schools currently using the Certificate of Steiner Education (NZCSE)

The Lisbon Convention

This Lisbon Convention is an international agreement that means a secondary qualification gained in one country has the same status as an equivalent qualification gained in another.

The Convention was signed by most countries in Europe as well as New Zealand. It is now law in these countries. This agreement has greatly facilitated our ability to offer NZCSE overseas.

The Convention makes clear that achievement of a qualification based in one country (such as the New Zealand-based NZCSE) in another country (such as the UK) is equivalent to it being achieved in its ‘home’ country. That means that achievement of the NZCSE in the UK is the same as its achievement in New Zealand. This in turn means that a UK student can use the NZCSE to achieve entry into a UK university.

The NZCSE is a regulated and fully accredited secondary qualification in New Zealand, listed on the New Zealand Qualification Framework, which students have been using for several years to enter courses of study at New Zealand universities. On the basis of the Convention, they have also been achieving entrance to European universities.

Credit Recognition and Transfer (CRT)

This process has been approved by NZQA to enable students in SEDT approved schools overseas to have their achievement results scrutinised by the SSC Qualifications Committee in New Zealand.

They will approve these results as being equivalent to those obtained by students in accredited SSC schools in New Zealand if they meet the required criteria.

This is the quality assured, legal process SEDT uses to confer a New Zealand qualification to students in schools in other countries.

European University Entrance

Many students have been admitted to European universities on the basis of their Level 3 NZCSE with UE in a range of different courses in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the UK.

We have also had a formal letter of recognition and equivalence from the UK NARIC which approves overseas qualifications for UK universities. There are currently some 56 students studying at universities in the UK on the basis of this recognition and the Lisbon Protocol.

This also means that New Zealand students can apply to European universities and study overseas for their qualifications.